Wealth Management Defined

Ask ten investors to define wealth management — or even ask ten “wealth managers” to do so. You will almost certainly get ten different answers, most of them heavily focused on investing. However, less than 7% of financial advisors use a true wealth management model. Clients of Peak-Options benefit from a cutting-edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management.

Rather than approach you with a menu of prices and products, our advisors lead by listening. We dive deep into the details, using your passions, goals, and past experiences to discover what drives you. Once we understand what sets you apart, we design a solution suited for you - and you only.

An effective wealth management process should account for every corner of your assets and the goals you have for them. Using a proven wealth management formula, we address the top-five concerns most important to affluent families:

Investment Consulting

Wealth Enhancement

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Protection

Charitable Giving

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As a result, we're able to employ all aspects of your wealth to work jointly in meeting your personal and family goals.


Wealth Management

is a process, and for it to be performed correctly, they are certain steps we do not take lightly:


Investment Consulting

Our years of expert industry experience allow us to develop plans that are highly personalized and coordinated to your unique portfolio.


Advanced Planning

Going beyond investment consulting is how we create a financial future that satisfies you for the long term. This step addresses primary concerns, such as wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and charitable giving.


Relationship Management

Creating lasting, long-term relationships with clients is our main priority. As a boutique financial service, we focus our attention on the few clients we work with. Our consultative process is important to us - it gives us the chance to get to know you. We coordinate with your professional services team, including tax, legal, and other advisors to ensure true collaboration.

Using the wealth management formula, we provide comprehensive services that range from investment strategy, family, and philanthropic planning to concierge services and money management, and are woven together to build financial prosperity and peace of mind.

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